The team at Digital Gardener offers a comprehensive range of cannabis-specific LED Horticultural Lighting Solutions. We offer two distinct service categories: New cultivation facility construction and Existing cultivation facility analysis and replacements:

New Construction

Digital Gardener can help you maximum your new cultivation facility by providing a complete lighting design, lighting analysis, project management, equipment financing and financial analysis. Our tried and tested lighting systems are proven to dramatically increase yields and cut your electricity bill.

New License Applications

As the application process and requirements for state licensing becomes more and more complex and demanding, the points-based awards systems now favor applicants who can provide business plans that include energy savings and CO2 reduction initiatives in their operational plans. Having Digital Gardener in your corner will help demonstrate your company’s “Green Initiatives” and commitment to be become environmentally responsible, and win you increased points on your application.

The Digital Gardener team can provide a detailed, facility-wide, LED-based energy/CO2 reduction proposal and a compelling side-by-side analysis of LED implementation vs. traditional/legacy lighting technology (HPS, Metal Halide, CFL, etc...)

We handle the implementation of non-horticulture LED facility lighting as well. We offer a full line of the worlds best energy efficient lighting products. Not only do we have the best LED horticulture lighting, we can provide parking lot lighting, wall packs and display lighting for dispensaries. Our direct-to-factory relationships with LED manufacturers, allow us to provide extremely high quality and competitive priced products to you. We can assist you in reducing your electricity usage throughout your business. 

Existing Cultivation Facility Analysis and Replacements

Digital Gardener can help you maximum your existing cultivation facility by providing for you a complete lighting analysis, proposal, available rebates and even financing.

Our approach is simple. We can make a site visit to your cultivation facility with our state-of-the-art equipment and create a side by side radiometric analyses with our field proven LED lighting solutions to compare to your current set up. We will then offer recommendations to maximize your existing equipment and provide for you a complete lighting analysis and proposal. The lighting analysis includes an estimated ROI, available rebates and finance options at no cost to you.


​The financing landscape in the commercial Cannabis industry is dominated by predatory, high-interest lenders.....if you can find one. The Digital Gardener team has spent the time to "weed out" the bad lenders and from rare good ones. The result: We have formed solid, long-term partnerships with our highly-vetted, trusted lending partners.  You will not find a better resource for fair, practical and ethical lending in the Cannabis industry than through Digital Gardener. With our flexible lending programs, the purchase and installation of the world's best LED horticulture technology becomes a true no-brainer, and offers extremely compelling monthly pay-back terms. Combined with the energy savings and yield increases you will experience, our financing packages create the "perfect storm" of savings, profit and efficiency!


  • Radiometric Analysis (PAR Mapping)
  • Complete Lighting Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • CAD Drawings (Proposed Design)
  • Project Management
  • Installation and training
  • Financing