Details and Lessons:

The side-by-side results showed that the plants grown under the BML SPYDR 600s appeared to be healthier and larger and they were ready to be moved before the plants grown under the iGrow Induction fixtures. We did notice tighter inter-nodal spacing and overall the stalk of the plants were thicker than those grown under the iGrow lights. Our customer also experienced plants breaking through the Rockwool much earlier than usual.

Next Steps:

Most of our tests are quantifiable tests. We can simply compare side-by-side dry weights of plants grown under both the BML LED lights and the other lights. Trying to quantify the benefits of growing under the BML SPYDR 600s during the vegetation stage is much more difficult. Today we can quantify some of the value based on energy & maintenance savings. The SPYDR 600 will save a grower around $700 per year depending on the spectrum and  local electricity rates. We are in the process of further tests which will provide us enough data to quantify the value of the BML SYDR 600 in added dry weight.

Some of the next testing:

  •  Test side-by-side comparison through the entire grow cycle

         ·  Dry weight
         ·  Time to finish

  • Test side-by-side dry weight of plants grown through the vegetation stage under induction and the BML SYDR 600 and finished under typical 1000 Watt HPS in the flower stage. 





 Digital Gardner partnered with BML Horticulture and a well-respected, large-scale, commercial Cannabis grower in Denver to conduct a side-by-side comparison between BML SPYDR 600 vs. 400 Watt iGrow induction fixtures during the vegetation stage.

To date very few growers had tested LED horticulture  lighting. Almost all the previous tests were conducted during the flowering stage. We believe the increased PAR levels during the vegetation stage would produce tighter inter-nodal spacing and stronger healthier plants  going into the flowering stage.

The BML SPYDR 600 can be built with virtually any spectrum. Although the BML SPYDR 600 delivers substantially higher levels of PAR, the uniformity is extremely different. The iGrow induction lights deliver around 25% to 45% less PAR in the very center of the canopy and then PAR levels dramatically drop off around the rest of the canopy.

The BML SPYDR 600 delivers 700% to 800% more PAR around the edges. This can be slightly improved by raising the iGrow to 18” above the canopy but PAR level in the center of the canopy drops to about half of the SPYDR 600 and you gain very little on the edges of the canopy.

BELOW is Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) mapping over a 4' X 4' Area




400W iGrow Induction

 Commercial Vegetation Room

Denver, Colorado

November 2014

400 Watt iGrow


BML SYDR 600          8” Height

400 Watt iGrow Induction  18” Height

400 Watt iGrow Induction  8” Height