Digital Gardener’s roots in the legal cannabis industry began after working with a publicly traded LED lighting company that was looking to enter into the nascent industry. After extensive research we were amazed to discover the incredible size of current market opportunity, the projected growth of the industry, and the lack of innovative technology to improve commercial cultivation.

As LED Lighting experts, we quickly identified a huge milestone that would soon transform the legal cannabis industry: The advent of  LED Lighting technology that can replace 1,000 Watt HPS lamps, and produce an equal or greater amount of product.  For several years, growers have seen dozens of LED lighting products marketed with the promise to perform as well as HPS lamps. Several even falsely claimed they had achieved this milestone which added more skepticism from the grower community.  Most growers and manufacturers lacked the fundamental knowledge of the science needed to reach that milestone.  Most horticulture lights marketed thus far have focused on superior lumens (not PAR), wattage and magical spectra. None of these features addressed the fundamental lighting requirements needed for an LED lighting solution that could actually out-perform traditional HPS technology: Uniform, increased levels of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) delivered evenly across the targeted grow area. 

After months of researching LED Horticulture lighting manufactures, we found only four who actually understood the science required to build an LED grow light that could perform equally to an HPS lamp. Of these four companies, we encountered several issues, including: Problems with optics that were not capable of delivering uniform levels of PAR; problems with junction temperature; and companies who were financially unstable and having problems with production. At this time, Digital Gardener recognizes no current LED manufacturer as having a totally commercially viable product line that is ready for mass-adoption. As such, Digital Gardner is preparing to introduce (late 2015) the only commercially viable LED Horticulture solution available to large-scale growers. Our extremely successful trials and tests thus far have proven the increased PAR levels, when combined with a uniform light distribution pattern, create dramatic and economically tangible results:  By increasing the uniform levels of Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR), we blew away the milestone by increasing the dry weight yield by an average of over 30% while realizing an energy savings of almost 40%.